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Nuken by Next Level – AAAA


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Nuken is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain, created as a cross between the cult favourite: God Bud and crossed with X-kush strains. This potent and aromatic bud boasts a moderate, but savoury THC level between 13-25% and has a deliciously lasting scent that fills the air around you. The aroma of Nuken is unique and pungent. With the sweetness of a freshly baked marshmallow pie and hints of skunk with each exhale, you’ll love the air you’re in. Nuken buds are dense and furry looking. With a light green tone, each bud cracks open to release a field day of juicy trichomes. Nuken creates a high unlike others. the Nuken high can be characterized as long-lasting and mild. Nuken allows for the refreshing release of laughter at the smallest things. You will feel the Nuken high throughout your whole body and once Nuken hits the brain, you will feel creative and light. Nuken is said to be great for treating conditions such as, but not limited to: mild depression, stress, anxiety. Enjoy Nuken.

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