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MICROCYBIN PRO – Psilocybin Microdose Blend – Stamets Stack

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Microdosing Psilocybin is recommended 1-2 capsules 4 days on and 3 off or 1 day on and 2 off.

Microcybin can be used as a nootropic for cognitive enhancement and has also shown to be effective treatment for depression, anxiety and PTSD, for more information visit


Product Description

Inspired by Paul Stamets stacking formula for up-regulating neurogenesis (new connections in the brain), much like the original compound promoting cognitive enhancement and effectively treating depression, anxiety and PTSD, while promoting over-all mental health. Microcybin Pro adds niacin (Vitamin B3), as an essential human nutrient. Niacin acts by triggering a response, which causes the capillaries to expand, increasing blood flow and allowing the formula to travel to deeper parts of the brain and body. Niacin is also known to lower cholesterol, ease arthritis and boost brain function. We must warn, some may experience adverse side effects from Niacin; such as flushing, hot flashes and in rare cases; upset stomach. These side effects subside quickly and tend to occur with only the first few doses, if at all.

The contents are a mixture of 100mg organic Golden Teacher Psilocybin, with a small percentage of Amazonian Psilocybin. 100mg organic Lions Mane mushroom and 50mg niacin; per capsule.

All capsules are manufactured under strict GMP compliance and are mixed evenly with pharmaceutical grade equipment; tested and safe to consume.

The source of psilocybin is the Golden Teacher and partially mixed Amazonian Cubensis, which is lab grown organically and manufactured with pharmaceutical grade equipment.


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