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MACROCYBIN – 500mg Psilocybin Macrodose blend

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Product Description

Macrocybin was developed for those looking to go a little deeper without having to consume raw mushrooms from an unknown source, 1 or 2 capsules would be a creative happy dose and 3-4 opens the doors to a psychedelic experience which can result in a lot of laughs and a new introspection on life accompanied by some mild to moderate visuals. Plan to be in a safe controlled environment to avoid any unnecessary fear or anxiety sometimes associated with heavier doses.

The contents are a mix of 500mg organic golden teacher psilocybin and 100mg organic lions mane mushroom per capsule.

All capsules are manufactured under strict GMP compliance and are mixed evenly with pharmaceutical grade equipment; tested and safe to consume.

The source of psilocybin is the Golden Teacher and partiality mixed Amazonian Cubensis which is lab grown organically and manufactured with pharmaceutical grade equipment.


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