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Cannabis concentrates have risen in popularity because of their strong potency, effectiveness, and versatility. A concentrate is a highly potent THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrated mass that can take on an appearance ranging from wax-like to brittle crystals. They are made by extracting only the most desirable and potent cannabis plant compounds— mainly cannabinoids and terpenes— while removing excess plant material and impurities.

Concentrates can be consumed in many different applications. Concentrates can be infused into food and drink products and consumed that way, although smoking concentrates using a vaporizer, e-cigarette, or dab ring remains the most popular consumption method because these methods are smokeless and odorless and the user enjoys instant effects. When utilizing a dab ring, this activity is called “dabbing” because the user takes just a “dab” of the concentrate.

In order to prepare yourself for the diverse world of cannabis concentrates, it’s important to learn about each type and how to consume them. So, when you’re buying cannabis concentrates online, you can choose the best product suited for you.

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